Lac du Bonnet Water Softeners and water treatment.

Located in the beautiful town of Lac du Bonnet, Mb, we provide water and water treatment options for the town and the surrounding area. Experience with various types of water supplies such as well water, river/lake, and chlorinated municipal areas, have allowed us to effectively treat the problems that arise with each. Each water filtration we sell is tailored to individual needs. From a detailed water analysis, we are able to provide a system that is precisely designed around each customer. We will work with you to find a system that will suit you and your budget.  Come see us at our showroom to discuss different options. 



We are proud to carry premium brands such as General Electronics water softeners, tannin/organics removers, declorinators, iron removers, drinking water systems and all other available water treatment equipment to ensure your water is at the best it can be.            

These systems carry some of the longest warranties in the business and are the majority choice among most homeowners.


         Healthy Water

Our systems provide crystal clear, soft, bacteria-free water.

River water can be treated with our special tannin/organics remover resulting in colour-free water.

Well water is treated with our water-metered water softeners which remove all minerals and hardness.

With a reverse osmosis purification system and an ultraviolet light sterilizer, the water in your home can be as safe and refreshing as bottled water.

Wallet Friendly

We purchase almost all of our products from the manufacturer. This results in low purchase pricing for our customers that is closer to city pricing, not small town price inflation. 

And our filtration systems use the least amount of electricity, water for backwash/regeneration, and salt, compared to other systems on the market.


Hours of Operation
Summer     April 15 - October 15

Monday -   Friday  -  9:00 - 5:00
Saturday -                 9:00 - 2:00
Sunday  -  Closed
Winter   October 16 - April 14
Monday- Closed 
Tuesday - Friday - 9:00- 5:00 
Saturday -  9:00 - 2:00
Sunday - Closed 

LDB PureWater Inc. 

100 1st Street
Lac du Bonnet, Mb.

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